Samsung galaxy s9 – When is it coming?

It not that simple to just sit back and contain yourself when you are eager and dying to have Samsung’s next big thing the Samsung galaxy s9. Yes, this is yet another sequel to the famous Samsung galaxy s and Samsung galaxy s9. Additionally it is tough to quit trusting that Samsung South Korean manufacturer will cave in and release this much awaited handset to us. There are so many unanswered questions like what would be the phone’s specifications. Or what new features can we expect on this handset. Most of us have to be satisfied with what little info or speculations which Samsung will leak into the general public. That is if they even dare to do so. As you can see, these are merely some of the most pressing questions that a whole lot of Samsung aficionados are asking the mobile giant Samsung. Sad to say, Samsung is still playing hard and keeping their cards close to their chests. But then again, we could also expect that this renowned galaxy s9 will come out soon enough.

Talking about the phone’s launch date, there was a rumor that says that this handset will be out last march 30. But it came and it passed and there is still no galaxy s9 started or even unveiled. The great news is, even if the telephone is a no-show, some are still hoping it is going to be out this April. This date is advised by an interview with Samsung’s president Kim young-ha Samsung china president. There is also a huge rumor that consensus seems to prefer may 22, 2012 as the phone’s actual unveiling and release date. This is via Samsung’s special event that is thought to happen in London, up. But Samsung said that they will advise us through their twitter account once a release date is confirmed. Now, that is something which we can look forward to. Keep our eyes glued to their twitter account.

Let’s now move to the phone’s potential specifications even though it is not that verified yet, we could expect that this will ship with the hottest android iteration that the ice cream sandwich. There is a potential inclusion of a potent quad-core chip, perhaps a 1.5 or 1.8 GHz Samsung eryngoes. Additionally, there are some that states that this handset will ship with an updated 12mp shutter. If this is correct, then that is one mighty shutter to get the 3rd generation galaxy s. We are hoping that this handset ships with 4g let and even neck. The telephone may also feature a 4.8 super amole complete had and with 3d capabilities display screen. Whether this handset is landing sometime soon or not, we just need to be patient for its confirmed. The Samsung Galaxy S9 exists and there is nothing stopping Samsung to push through with the much awaited release of the galaxy s9.